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Hardy Water Lily

Best New Waterlily 2010 – International Water Gardening Society  This very unique hardy waterlily was discovered by Dr. Nopchai Chansilpa in Thailand.  Flowers are dark salmon peach with yellow streaks on the petals.  This trait has never been seen before in a hardy lily.  Another unique feature is that occasionally flowers are produced with some bright yellow petals, or completely yellow.  The leaves are rich chocolate-bronze with green mottling.  A compact vigorous grower.

'Holy Fire' (Nelumbo nucifera Shenghuo)

Exciting new variety.  Profuse blooms are double, very deep pink, golden stamens have yellow appendages.  Large, 7 – 8” flowers are borne on stems high above the 3 – 4’ leaves

Red Bog Lily Lemon Punch Canna (Canna sp)
Tropical Shallow Water Plant

Vivid lemon yellow flowers on a compact plant.  Very profuse bloomer with green foliage.

Height: 24-36”                              Zone 9
'Moonbeam' (Florida Aquatic Nurseries)
Tropical Water Lily

A lovely new day blooming tropical with delicate blue/green inward curving petals, shading to soft yellow at the base.  Lily pads are a lush green with medium spread.


Colorific Iris (Iris louisiana 'colorific')
Hardy Shallow Water Plant

Blooms are reddish-purple and white with graceful, narrow green foliage. Height: 30"
Zone 4

Red Bog Lily CrystalClear Spring & Fall Prep
Pond Water Treatment

Designed to replenish winter bacterial loss and accelerate decompostion of organics with a “burst” of cool water natural bacteria and barley.  Easy-to-use pre-measured water soluble packets.  Safe for all aquatic life.  Apply weekly during spring start-up and fall closing when water temperatures are between 4°C / 40°F and 10°C / 50°F.

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